3D CAD gardenplanning software from ConCadus

With the integrated 3D garden designer you can plan and design your garden down to the last detail with perfect modeling and individual planting.

While designing your garden with the garden designer you can place hedges, paths, beds, lawn, a pool or a garden pond in any location you desire. The live modeling of the terrain in 3D enables a realistic representation of lowerings, elevations and ground transitions of the terrain – ideal for a portrayal in a hillside location.

3d-gartenplanungAn expert will assist you with the optimal planting with the garden planer

You can work with over 2.300 realistic 3D plants and garden accessories – from runner beans to rosebushes and tulips up to garden gnomes and pavilions –  to create your garden. With an easy drag & drop function you are able to put plants and garden accessories in any location you desire.

Your finished garden can be admired from any perspective. The software even enables you to see how your garden looks like in the morning, at noon, in the evening, at night and any other time of day.

NEW: Paths, ponds & more can be created and realistically visualized without any effort thanks to individual editable dots on the work surface.

NEW: Modern sample gardens deliver fresh inspiration for your individual design and greenery on terraces and balconies.


INFO: The innovative LoD technology assures a fluent execution of disk space claiming computer operations like shading or the visualization of your creations in 3D.

TIP: With numerous new mediterranean plants and accessories – from palm trees up to sweep wells –  you can give your garden a latin and exotic touch.

TIP: Pools & more can easily be constructed and realistically visualized thanks to individual editable dots on the works surface.

TIP: Garden suites, sun loungers and garden swings let your garden look even more lively.