3D CAD Interior Designing Software from ConCadus

With the interior designer, which is included in our 3D CAD Architect, the bulding owner can easily create, furnish and visualize his long awaited dream house.

The execution of the interior designer is constructed intiutively and has a well structured user interface. Most of the important tools you will work with are only a few mouseclicks away from each other so you can work even faster and more comfortably. Although the interior designer is constructed simple, it still includes a good amount of functions and tools for you to design your dream house.

Planning the interior of your house

Everything from the arrangement of windows and doors up to wall paints and carpets is selectable and can be altered and individualized to meet the expectations and taste of the user. The software has about 6.000 textures and recommendations for every single room, which you can furnish your house to-be with. After you are finished with the overall design of your house, you can attend to every individual room and alter it, add detail, or even design it all anew.


Thanks to the 3D Roomplanner from ConCadus you can virtually and comfotably plan your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, workroom and nursery and visualize them right down to last detail. Design your interior of your house like a professional. Also a high variety of furniture are implemented in the 3D Roomplanner so you can create a realistic as possible interior of your choice.

Visualization with the 3D Interior Designer

The Interior Designer saves you numerous wrong decisions with its 3D visualization. With the CAD software you can create a true to scale interior design and prevent impulsive purchases of furniture which won´t fit in the end. Furthermore you can decide, which furniture is suitable for example in your kitchen and which is not.

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