3D CAD Kitchenplanner from ConCadus

With our 3D CAD Architect you can design futuristic and true to scale kitchens for your projects. You simply create a layout or import a finished one from a scanned original. Afterwards you have the true to scale accommodation right in front of you, to start designing the kitchen with the help of the implemented object catalog and room designer. You can adjust the size of any piece of furniture and shift it around as it pleases you, to design your kitchen.

To test our product you can gladly download our free houseplanning testversion and use it to its fullest extent. The kitchen designer is already available in our 3D CAD Architect starter version.

With our kitchenplanner you will become an interior architect

Shift around objects and try all kinds of measurements and combinations. The kitchenplanner offers numerous functions, which will give you a realistic foretaste of your dreamkitchen.

The 3D CAD Architect provides you with a close to reality impression of your future kitchen and accompanies you in its creation.

Our 3D kitchenplanner is the optimal tool to realize the decoration and planning of your kitchen. Over 6.000 textures, objects, pieces of furniture and other constituent parts of your kitchen are available to you.

Furthermore you can purchase even more additinal objects and elements for your kitchen in our shop.



3D Interior visualization in the kitchenplanner from ConCadus

Our 3D kitchenplanner includes fully detailed, textured and furnished 3D models of futuristic kitchens, which can be implemented in your project and serve as a basis for your model. The couloring of walls, backlashes (room between cabinets and work plates) and floors is freely up to you. Numerous objects for the interior, which will invigorate your renderings and create a realistic 3D model of your kitchen are avilable to you. Instead of arranging every single element of your kitchen by its own, you can directly implement whole premade kitchens.

Bit by bit you will get a realistic impression of your dream kitchen and how it will fit in your house.

Now you can take a look at the whole photo-realistic 3D model you created. With our software you can view the kitchen from any perspective and distance. Experiment for exaple with forms and colors. Your change requests will be executed with only a few mouseclicks, so that your designed kitchen will match fullfill your wishes.  k-chenplaner

Compare different variations of your kitchen with the help of layers

With the help of our high powered layer function you can display multiple variations of your dream kitchen and compare them with each other. You or your housemates can decide which variation suits your purposes the most. Check out the video below and see with your own eyes how effective the layer function actually is:

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