3D CAD Roomdesigner from ConCadus

Let yourself get inspired by the roomplanner with its fashionable signature furniture, modern built-in kitchens, elegant baths, noble materials and colors.   

You have a large selection of more than 8.000 pieces of furniture and accessories for every kind of taste, which can be placed freely in the virtual room with a simple drag & drop mechanic. Furthermore the 3D roomplanner enables you to scan digital photos of your furniture and turn them into freely placebale 3D objects or simply import different 3D objects (O2C/ACO/3DS) from the internet.raumplaner-architekt

You can shift, redesign or replace object, which you don´t like. Play around with the coloring of chairs, armchairs and couches or try out different types of woods for tables, shelfs and sideboards. You have unlimited possibilites, all you need to do is a simple mousclick.

The 3D roomplanner from ConCadus offers numerous features to design a room

Over 5.000 photo realistic textures are available to design walls, ceilings and floors. Private photos can be loaded into our 3D roomplanner and added as a new texture.

For a highly realistic impression you can install ceiling lamps, halogen lamps, reading- or floor lamps. Fine adjustable parameters for brightness, shadow resolution, radius, colors and range enable a new experience of realism.


NEW: Via drag & drop you can decide the perfect location for your furniture and place them true to scale.

NEW: The integrated 3D kitchenplanner  enables you to import an accurate installation and precise scaling of designer kitchens of the next generation.

TIP: The integrated 3D bathroomdesigner supports you with the creation of a true to scale and unique dreambath.

INFO: 3D showrooms present branded furniture with a preview, precise dimensions and additional information from the producer.

INFO: You are a fan of both wide planks and finished parquet but have no idea which one to choose? You can´t decide if ingrain wallpaper or plaster is more suitable? No reason to panic! With over 5.000 photo realistic textures for the floor, walls, covers and fabrics, which can be replaced with a simple mouseclick, you will definitely find what you need and design an awesome and unique interior.


 Compare furniture combinations with the layer function included in our software

With our comfortable layer funtion you can easily compare various combinations of furniture and versions of interiors with each other. The following video shall give you a first impression what possibilities you can have with the layer function. Just sit back and enjoy the show!

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