3D visualization with walkabout and video presentation

Realistic 3D simulation of your dream house

Beside thousands of other objects and materials, which already help with the representation of your house. Special functions like a day or night view at your project and high quality shading simulations shall further assist you with the creation of a photographic portrayal of your house. It is possible, via 3D visualization to put lamps and plants at perfect locations, so you can for example place your television at a dazzle-free spot. The brightness and the radiation type of interior lamps can be indivdually configurated, to brighten up a reading area or even cause the living quarters to be illuminated harmonically for a comfortable and warm feeling. Especially with the planning of the bathroom and the kitchen you benefit from the realistic 3D perspective. Not only that you can benefit from the effects of reflections and shading, but also benefit from animated expanses of water and blazing open fires.



Import objects

The Cross-Import-Manager enables you the effortless adoption and editing of projects, which you created for example with Data Becker, TraumhausDesigner or on Acron based software.

Realtime-visualization and online presentation

To convince your customers of your product, you need an impressive 3D presentation, especially in the CAD-era we are living now. Our modern product 3D CAD Architekt makes it possible for you to create an efficient, high resolution rendered realtime-visualization with smooth shadows and reflections.

Our 3D CAD Architekt is exactly what you need.

Background brush for realistic 3D visualization

A background brush makes it possible to  portray imposing pictures of landscapes on the ground area. Thus your 3D house can be visualized realistically in any kind of environment. The finished model can be viewed from any perspective and exported on your webside for your presentation.