3D CAD Roomdesigner from ConCadus

Let yourself get inspired by the roomplanner with its fashionable signature furniture, modern built-in kitchens, elegant baths, noble materials and colors.   

You have a large selection of more than 8.000 pieces of furniture and accessories for every kind of taste, which can be placed freely in the virtual room with a simple drag & drop mechanic. Furthermore the 3D roomplanner enables you to scan digital photos of your furniture and turn them into freely placebale 3D objects or simply import different 3D objects (O2C/ACO/3DS) from the internet. „3D CAD Roomdesigner from ConCadus“ weiterlesen

3D CAD Kitchenplanner from ConCadus

With our 3D CAD Architect you can design futuristic and true to scale kitchens for your projects. You simply create a layout or import a finished one from a scanned original. Afterwards you have the true to scale accommodation right in front of you, to start designing the kitchen with the help of the implemented object catalog and room designer. You can adjust the size of any piece of furniture and shift it around as it pleases you, to design your kitchen. „3D CAD Kitchenplanner from ConCadus“ weiterlesen

Creation of layouts with the 3D CAD Software from ConCadus

The dream of a homestead starts with a layout, which you can scan (for example from an exhibit) and trace it true to scale, or even adopt older projects (our 3D CAD Architect is compatible with a high variety of differend software, like all versions of DATA BECKER TraumhausDesigner 7). Alternatively the intuitive operable room designing mode helps you with prefabricated, directly accessible rooms in any kind of form in a very short amount of time to complement your already prefect layout.    „Creation of layouts with the 3D CAD Software from ConCadus“ weiterlesen

3D CAD Interior Designing Software from ConCadus

With the interior designer, which is included in our 3D CAD Architect, the bulding owner can easily create, furnish and visualize his long awaited dream house.

The execution of the interior designer is constructed intiutively and has a well structured user interface. Most of the important tools you will work with are only a few mouseclicks away from each other so you can work even faster and more comfortably. Although the interior designer is constructed simple, it still includes a good amount of functions and tools for you to design your dream house.

„3D CAD Interior Designing Software from ConCadus“ weiterlesen

3D CAD Bathroomplanner from ConCadus

Become a bathroom designer with our 3D houseplanning software and design your bathroom easily and comfortably at home on your computer.

The 3D CAD Architect software supports you with a variety of function for your design and also helps you to keep an eye on the expenses. It can be individually operated and leads you to your dream bath step by step.
Over 120 detailed 3D models of sanitary objects are included in our software. Create your own individual dream bath, design your own towels, toilet seats, whirlpools, bathtubs and much more. With our bathplanner your creativity knows no boundaries.

Our starter-version already includes numerous textures and objects for you to work with. You are able to import your own additional textures and objects in our software and create a 3D model, which will resemble your finished project in reality for 100%. Hardly any other software is able to do so.

Via drag & drop you can freely shift any kind of furniture, tiles and more in the bathroom. The correct placement of objects is being intelligently and automatically executed by the software itself. Room measurements and open walls can be altered and added as you desire.

You plan your bathroom interior and still don´t really know how it should look like?

Plan your dream bath with our 3D CAD Architekt

You can draw your desired bath true to scale in a visualized room. In this room you can easily implement your desired furniture with a simple drag & drop mechanic from the object catalog. The object catalog can be freely extended. Many companies also offer their furniture and sanitary objects as 3DS objects. These 3DS objects can be downloaded from the producer of your choice and can be imported into our object catalog. You can freely adjust measures and place objects anywhere you like. Coulors and the material which the objects are made of can be altered as well. Hereunto you can choose from a big variety of materials and textures from our catalog before placing it on your chosen spot. Of course you also can import your own textures and material.

Be an architect without boundaries and design your dream bath.


3D Visualization with walkabout and video presentation

Realistic 3D simulation of your dream house

More than thousands of different objects and materials, which you help with the representation of your creation. Special functions like a day or night view on your project and high quality shading simulations shall further assist you with the creation of a photographic portrayal of your house. It is possible, via 3D visualization to put lamps and plants at perfect locations, so you can for example place your television at a dazzle-free spot. The brightness and the radiation type of interior lamps can be indivdually configurated, to brighten up a reading area or even cause the living quarters to be illuminated harmonically for a comfortable and warm feeling. Especially with the planning of the bathroom and the kitchen you benefit from the realistic 3D perspective. Not only that you can benefit from the effects of reflections and shading, but also benefit from animated expanses of water and blazing open fires.

Import objects

The Cross-Import-Manager enables you the effortless adoption and editing of projects, which you created for example with Data Becker, TraumhausDesigner or on Acron based software.

Realtime-visualization and online presentation

To convince your customers of your product, you need an impressive 3D presentation, especially in the CAD-era we are living now. Our modern product 3D CAD Architekt makes it possible for you to create an efficient, high resolution rendered realtime-visualization with smooth shadows and reflections.

Our 3D CAD Architekt is exactly what you need.

Background brush for realistic 3D visualization

A background brush makes it possible to  portray imposing pictures of landscapes on the ground area. Thus your 3D house can be visualized realistically in any kind of environment. The finished model can be viewed from any perspective and exported on your webside for your presentation.