Creation of layouts with the 3D CAD Software from ConCadus

The dream of a homestead starts with a layout, which you can scan (for example from an exhibit) and trace it true to scale, or even adopt older projects (our 3D CAD Architect is compatible with a high variety of differend software, like all versions of DATA BECKER TraumhausDesigner 7). Alternatively the intuitive operable room designing mode helps you with prefabricated, directly accessible rooms in any kind of form in a very short amount of time to complement your already prefect layout.   

Via drag & drop its possible to insert doors, stairs and windows with the houseplanner as well as lift additional walls of any kind of thickness. The presentability of droops and extended plain functions alleviate the work on complex projects. With only one click you are able to switch from the 2D view to the 3D fullscreen at any time.

Visualisierung in 3D und in 2D

Importfunctions of existent projects in the layout creation

Layouts, which already have been created, can be traced, scanned and imported from older project true to scale. Afterwards they can be extended and altered with precise dimensioning and architecture suitable symbols can be implemented.

With only a few clicks you can lift additional walls, place stairs, doors and windows as well as carry out rebuildings or electro-, heating and sanitary installations. The addition editor simplifies the planning and design of complex terraces, balconies, conservatories and much more

Layout planning and equipment

From the 3D model you can comfortably derive profiles, views and drawings with architect suitable labering. Details in the construction will be portrayed with layout equitable aid lines, shadings and fillings. The level of detail of the drawing will be automatically adjusted to the  scale.

For a detailed presentation of your project we recommend you to make use of the deposited 2D view, which is only included in the 3D CAD Architekt Master version:

Grundriss Ferienwohnung Ferienhaus


Thousands of modern pieces of furniture, which are available to you, to design an individual interior can be easily placed, scaled and shifted wih a simple drag & drop mechanic. For the decoration of walls, the floor, covers and many more you have the freedom to choose from 5.000 photo-realistic textures, which can be applied directly.

You can also edit objects on your own and even create new ones, so that in theory you have unlimited possibilites to design your interior.

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