Houseplanning with the 3D CAD Architect

The 3D CAD Architect is a houseplanner from the next generation. With an intuitive handling it offers a professional variety of functions and modern technologies enables the realistic visualization of any kind of project.

Numerous assitants reduce the effort of creating a true to scale layout to a minimum. Walls of any thickness can be flexibly lifted and shifted. Windows, doors, stairs and more can be implemented with a simple drag & drop mechanic.

The software even enables an architect equitable planning of electrical-, heating and sanitary installations. Pipes and wires can be placed effortlesly, connections, switches, socket outlets and more can be implemented with the correct symbol.

The 3D CAD Architect Master Housedesigner includes all important functions for a complete house creation in 2D and 3D.

The easy way to plan a house

Our intelligent construction programm supports you dynamicly with the implementation of your house design. In all three versions of our software you can add and plan as many floors (including cellars and equiped attics) as you desire. Rooms will be automatically identified and labeled, while cubic measures are being calculated. A roof can be automaticall constructed and altered with only a few mouseclicks.

Draw a highly detailed layout

With the 3D CAD Architect you can draw the layout of your house in 2D as well as in 3D. Should you already possess finished layouts of your house, you can easily scan them and import them into our product. Alternatively you also can input the data of your layouts into our 3D CAD Architect manually.

In our object catalog you can find thousands of different objects like wall and floor coverings, walltypes, windows, stairs, doors and many more, which you can include and place while designig your house.

In the following video you can get a first impression of our houseplanner with our 3D CAD Architect Master version:

All three versions of the houseplanners can be used in a variety of ways. Following functions are included in our houseplanner:

  • Roomplanner/Kitchenplanner
  • Gardenplanner
  • Housedesigner
  • 3D Visualization
  • Layout creation


The Master version of our houseplanner includes the most functions. Before you choose any of our products, you can request a free testversion of one of the three versions with the contact form.

After you tested the free testversion and chose which version you want to have, you can comfortably purchase it on our website. If you have any further questions, you can check out tutorial videos YouTube or contact us direclty via telefone or contact form.

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